Thursday, May 20, 2010


So, I imagine many (if not all) of you are familiar with the anime cartoon Cowboy Bebop, seeing as I hardly meet a soul who doesn't associate corgis with the fabulous corg, Ein, on the show. I have also met a fair number of Eins out on corgi walks.

But it wasn't until a week or so ago that I finally saw a couple episodes! A friend downloaded the ones that really feature the super-brainy corgi so I could see them, and of course I loved them! I am in the process of getting my hands on the whole series now.

Have you seen the show? I figured since I only knew of it, there might be a few of you out there who might be interested in the recommendation. It's good! you should rent or netflix it!

The plots revolve around a team of intergalactic bounty hunters who go out and catch bad guys. At one point they are chasing a bad guy who has stolen a top-secret suitcase from an experimental lab, and no one knows what is inside! It turns out an ultra-smart corgi is inside, who later joins their team, and for much of the show the humans are oblivious to the fact that their furry companion is running mental circles around them. Ocassionally he steps in and covertly solves a mystery :) Sound like your dog?? hehe

Apparently Ed, who is seen above next to Ein, may be able to communicate with Ein and might have an idea about how smart he really is. Ed is a super girl computer hacker who is very goofy. I really like her :)


Kelly said...

I LOVE Cowboy Bebop :) My husband and I used to watch it all the time when he was in college. I even bought the whole series for him on dvd for a birthday present! He did not know what a corgi was until I explained that is the same dog as Ein.. That was the only way to get him on board to actually get one (He had his heart set on a Westie). Ein was our original named picked out for Gibson :)

Bri said...

We own the series as well. Erik likes anime quite a bit, and we have a few boxsets, one of them being Cowboy Bebop. Actually when it came time to look for a dog, he wanted a corgi because of the show, and I was anti-anime dog 'til I learned how wonderful corgis are! From people who have seen Cowboy Bebop, many comment on how Sammy is just like Ein...because he doesn't have much white above the nose, not because he is a super smart corgi! haha.
And....have you noticed how many Ein's there are! Man oh man, there are a ton of corgis named Ein. We know someone who has a corgi, who watch the show, so they have an Ein except they use Einstein to see if people will get it. I am still amazed by how often we get, "Is this a corgi? Like Ein on Cowboy Bebop! Have you seen Cowboy Bebop?!"

oh ps. If you are looking to own Cowboy Bebop, I think Erik got his at Best Buy, if you don't want to buy off the internet.

Karen and Bailey said...

awesome!!!! i havent watched a single episode.... but maybe ill invest in getting some of it to watch!

That corgi :) said...

I have never heard of Cowboy Bepob but this I have got to see. I just asked my hubby if he heard of it and he said he had but didn't realize there was a corgi involved in the plot. Definitely something to check out. However, after being so entrenched in LOST, I "swore" I would never get involved in another series.......but......this one does have a corgi in'll see!

enjoy the weekend :)


Sam and Finley said...

Kelly and Bri-- I am so behind!! haha, I really want to see the rest now. It's amazing how popular it is, though, and how many people think of Ein :)

Bri-- thanks for the best buy recommendation, I will look into it!

Karen, you totally should look into it! I am sure you'd like it, and the corgi looks like Bailey!!

Betty, if it helps, there are only 25 episodes (or something like that), I read that the guy who makes them always only does one season. So you can get hooked, but it won't monopolize your time :)

Lois said...

can someone tell me on what network this is shown ? I have never heard of it ! Thanks so much for mentioning it , we love all things corgi !!!

Sam and Finley said...

Lois-- I do not believe it is still running regularly on TV as the show has ended. I read that the writer only writes shows to run for one season. I have no idea if or where it would be as a re-run, but I bet you could google it. I would rent it, though! I know you can rent/buy the dvds!

H.D Ehrenburg said...

Your best bet is to download it off a torrent site, ie isohunt. Or else go buy it and suport the animators. It's a very good series.