Friday, March 18, 2011

Blog Award

Finley and I would like to thank our friends Laurie and Sadie over at Sadie the Rescued Corgi for giving us a blog award!! :) We happily accept, and have been thinking about which 7 things might be cool enough to share, and which blogs we should list. it was a lot of work!

The rules for accepting this award are to thank the person (or pups!) who gave you the award, share 7 things about yourself and link to 15 recently discovered bloggers. I am also supposed to contact them to tell them about the award, but I am still discovering a lot of the big, popular dog blogs who would either scoff at my baby blog or whom ya'll already know about, so I'll just keep it to my list :)

1. The Briese Moon (They gave Laurie and Sadie the award, so we found them)
2. Corgis in my Garden (I LOVE THE CORGI TOPIARY! may I just say? :)
3. Dances with Corgis (they are local! yayy local corgis)
4. The Senekams: Corgi + 3 (local, too! though soon going to China for an adventure!)
5. Bailey the Corgi (again, local :) Sometimes we see Baily on walks, but we haven't made it out in ages because of my work! more on this later)
6. Puppy on a Roomba
7. Jasper & Lindsey
8. Adventures of Sammy & Norman
9. My Dog Henry
10. The Ein and Brian Chronicles
11. Peanut a Corgi
These last 4 aren't necessarily corgi blogs, but are fun nonetheless!
12. Desire to Inspire (every Monday they post readers' pictures of their pets on fun furniture! amazing!)
13. THXTHXTHX (I've posted this before, but I really love it)
14. Letters of Note (they post cool old, new, anything pieces of written amazingness mostly related to amazing people and historical events-- Katherine Hepburn, Jane Austen, astronauts, Jimi Hendrix, President Roosevelt, etc)
15. Lolita (Eclectic, artsy and expressive photo blog)


And 7 things about Finn and myself you may not know:
1. Finn is not remotely interested in eating carbohydrates. bread? no thanks. tortilla? nah. potato? mehh. She's so hip. I, on the other hand-- totally into carbs. Sourdough toast with salted butter? mmmdeliciousss.
2. I am an intern at a big museum in San Francisco, and the women I work with love dogs! We share our dog photos. It's really fun :)
3. Finn and I play with the broom-- she bites and growls at it while I pretend to use it.
4. Finn always lies under the rocking chair rockers.
5. Sometimes I roll her around in her sleep to try to stop the snoring.
6. I call her snoot. It's a form of snout, because:
7. she always touches you with her cold wet nose--one little tap-- to announce her presence so you pay attention! It's really realllly cute.

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That corgi :) said...

congrats on the award!! How great to intern at the museum; I'm sure that is a great experience!! How can Finn not like carbohydrates?? (but that is actually a good thing I think!!)

have a great weekend!!