Monday, October 24, 2011

Corgi Clothes

Are you dressing your corgi up for Halloween this year? If so, please share!! I won't be home on Halloween, so Finn is escaping un-costumed this year... which is too bad for me, but she won't miss it at all. So I want to vicariously enjoy the fun of goofy outfits and tubular shaped dogs in antennae. Finn and I did take some silly Halloween-y photos that I will post this weekend, though! Let's just say horn-rimmed classes look good on her :)

Which brings me to dog clothes-- do you use them? I always toy with getting Finn a sweater or something for the winter. She isn't so into clothes though.

Here she is in her Paws for a Cause t-shirt last summer at a fundraiser. Thrilled, no?

Also, notice the slightly shredded end of the wrapping paper tube in the foreground... heh. The Shredder at work!


That corgi :) said...

She doesn't look happy indeed! No Koda goes a naturale, doesn't wear clothes or costumes. Tried to get him to wear his graduation hat after puppy school for 30 seconds, that was torture for him, LOL :)

have a safe Halloween!


Karen and Bailey said...

Bailey is going to be either black beard the pirate, or brian wilson hahaaaa..


SFACC is hosting a pet pride day this weekend in GG park. hope to see ya there.

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