Thursday, October 20, 2011

Do you have a favorite dog bed?

I am in the market for a new bed for Finn! Do you have any advice? What have you tried?

She really likes to sleep on the couch, but we are getting new ones, and it's not a great habit anyway. All the ones I have found in stores seem very meager when you actually put weight on them... a small amount of weight goes straight to through the fluff to the floor. I wish I could find a square of memory foam!

Does your Corgi sleep with you on your bed? What do they like to sleep on during the day? I feel for the little joints on a floor or rug and want to give her some nice cushion! Especially since Autumn is here.

I am apparently soft enough, though, which is very nice :)


That corgi :) said...

Koda does sleep with us; during the day he sleeps pretty much wherever he wants; on the couch (yes spoiled), in the summer when it is hot, he likes the bathroom floor; lots of time he goes into his crate to sleep (where we leave him when we leave home, it is a good size.) So can't help you with the bed, but good luck in your searching!


Kelly said...

Gibson sleeps w/us in bed most nights.. and during the day he has 2 dog beds and also sleeps on all the chairs and couches in the house :) One of his dog beds is a $10 bed from Walgreens and he loves it. The other is a Molly Mutt dog duvet, which you stuff w/things you find around the house (eco friendly and cost effective).

Karen and Bailey said...

Bailey and I recommend that you buy a shell you like - ideally a square bed (Ross, Costco, anywhere), then go to Ross and buy a twin memory foam matress pad and cut it up into four squares and sew it together for easy removal, then stuff the dog bed. bailey loves his :) It's cheaper doing it this way than purchasing a memory foam dog bed.. haha

Hudson said...

Thankfully, pet bed choices, for cat and dog beds, have evolved to the benefit of the animals over the last decade. No longer is the "cheap" bed thought to be acceptable for family pets.

Thomas Wilson said...

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