Thursday, December 1, 2011

Since last we spoke...

Since last we spoke, corgi comrades, I have been going going going, and I never got to wish you all a HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I hope you all were warm and cozy, surrounded by that you love the most. Finn, my family and I all headed up to my Aunt's house and had a great time.

I looked through my phone for some cute photos, and I realized that while I haven't been getting much sleep lately, Finn has, and she is still the cutest sleeper I know! So here are all my most recent photos of sleeping Finn, with a few from the rest of my life scattered in: (oops, newest at the bottom, sorry!)

Mom and Finn, watching Bones together :)

I'm my best friend's Maid of Honor! Vintage glassware inspirate:

Snooooore. Finn snores! Do your corgis? I like to tuck her in at night :)

I stripped, sanded and painted a great old vintage dresser with my Dad and boyfriend! I LOVE the three tiny drawers at the top. Didn't it come out cute??

Andrew and Finn...Do you think she likes him?? Look at that belly!

Up close. "Yessssss?"

It's been oddly foggy lately in San Francisco! Sunlight in the morning, burning it out of the inner sunset, looking through Golden Gate Park

 I'm studying these days again. Finn commiserates:

Thanksgiving! Peel de potatoes

Our first Thanksgiving out of the Navy!! YAY!

Happy fall faces! Love this one :D


That corgi :) said...

all great pictures! Finn looks so cute when she sleeps on her back! Very content! Koda does snore occasionally!

I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas, Sam!


Sis said...

Love all your photos and your new dresser. Really love the foggy morning photo in the park, almost looks Jurassic. If not for the Sutro Tower, there would be very little sign of man visible.
Beautiful leaf in your hair too.

Karen and Bailey said...

great to hear the update. :) the dresser is beautiful!