Saturday, April 30, 2011


So, I'm confused.
The initial results for Finn's lumps have come back inconclusive, like I said, and the vet and I talked about what to do next-- this was about a week and a half ago now. My options are:
1. Get the lumps biopsied-- shave a bit of fur, take a skin bunch, stitch up the little hole and send the larger samples to the lap.

2. Go visit a dog dermatologist and see if they have any ideas-- the rest of Finn's fur and skin is great. Westly has food allergies so I am familiar with the red itchy skin, and Finn's is fine!

3. Kind of blindly try to treat the lumps with a combination of antibiotics and prednisone. The vet wasn't fond of this option b/c she said finding the exact combination of drugs to treat a mystery lump can be frustratingly blind. Sounds like a last resort for serious stuff to me.  

The thing is, while we were waiting for results the vet suggested I try giving Finn some benadryl every day to see if it helped the lumps, since she still felt like they might be an allergic reaction. I thought I could feel a slight difference in the lumps, so we decided to give the benadryl a week before we moved ahead with anything different. It's been 10-ish days and now they are almost gone! The newer lumps are still there, though smaller, but the larger, older ones are 75% smaller and less defined.

So-- Do I go to the dermatologist and see if she can figure anything out even though the lumps are harder to look/feel now? Should I still consider a biopsy of the one that is still a bit large? Finn can't live on benadryl, and if it IS an allergy I want to know what it is to! Should I let it go, b/c the vet isn't worried? I am puzzled-- I am elated that the results don't point toward a serious issue-- SO SO elated-- but I am frustrated b/c I can't help but want to know the why and what of this whole situation!

Finn, on the other hand, is quite relaxed and care-free about the whole thing :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I am still working on finding out what that means... the test results for Finn's lumps came back inconclusive. The vet left a message saying that the samples didn't show signs of infection or tumors, but I'm not sure if inconclusive means everything is still an option, or if it means some things can be ruled out, i.e: infections and tumors. Hopefully the vet will call me back today and let me know. I'll keep you posted! Thank you for all the well wishes and good thoughts, we really love and appreciate them :)

Finn all cozy and ready for bed in her froggy towel-- one of our secret santa gifts!  :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

lumps and bumps?

Hi everybody! I haven't been around these last couple of weeks b/c I have been on the east coast, helping my boyfriend get ready to finish his time in the navy and move back to the west coast, which is amazing (yayy!!), except:

I got home last night and my dad said that he found a lump on Finn. gulp. So I've been trying to stay calm. But I had a nightmare that it was because of her hew martingale collar inhibiting blood circulation. Ridiculous, no? Suffice to say it is We have a vet appointment tomorrow at 1:00, and I've been reading about all the different types of "solid-appearing lumps and bumps on the skin of dogs"which is of course a roller coaster ride of "omg, cancer. or a fatty deposity. or, omg cancer. or a benign abscess..." you get the idea.

My question: what is your experience with lumps or bumps on the skin of YOUR dogs?

Of course I'm terrified that it is some form of cancer... She is so young! I think of cancer developing later in life. I remember thinking that one of her back hip bones felt like it was protruding a little more than the other, and making a mental note to keep an eye on it, and that is now where the largest of the lumps is. But she also has a smaller one next to it, and a tiny one on her opposite hip and in the middle of her back. Why so many?!!

Other than that, she seems completely normal and happy-- her fur is shiny and soft, her eyes are clear and bright, her teeth and breath are good, she is barking at everything, she leaps all over me when I come home, she plays with the cat, she chases Westly, she eats a lot.... She HAS lost a little weight, but I figured that was because we've been covering the cat food because I thought she was gaining a little weight from eating some of it behind our backs. Now, in my nightmare-fueling state of attempting to stay calm I am wondering if it isn't some symptom.

I will definitely keep you posted!! Please send us good thoughts. Crossed corgi toes? :)
On a lighter note, here are a couple of photos my dad took of Finn and me while I was blow drying her after her back right before I left-- it was gorgeous out and we were all spring cleaning so I scrubbed her down :)

getting all her thick black fur:

Tummy time!